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Died out and wouldn’t restart

1997 Bonneville:   My car would die out while driving and not restart. I took it to two different shops and they both spent a lot of money but still had the same problem. Next, I took it to Art’s Auto Repair and Art fixed it the first time for a fraction of what it cost me at the other shops. It now runs great! Rick K.

Transmission problems

1994 F150:   I had my work truck at a transmission shop for a month. I was having them fix the transmission because there was a shifting problem with it. I took my truck to Art and he diagnosed it within a few days and recommended the needed repairs. It shifts perfect now and he will be getting all of my personal/work vehicles. Bob, Perfect Fence Inc.

No Heat

2004 Jeep Special:  My Jeep had no heat. I took it to a repair facility and it worked well for a day. Then I took it to Art’s Auto Repair and after running many tests he found a slow leak in the head gasket. He was reasonable and my heat works great now! Jamie

Engine Problems

2005 PT Cruiser:  I took my car to a shop to get it fixed. After many months of no car, I had it towed to the dealer. I could not believe how much money they wanted to charge me. Next, I towed it to Art’s with half the engine apart and in the trunk. He checked it out, gave me an estimate and fixed the engine, brakes and air conditioning for a small fraction of what the dealership wanted. Thanks Art wonderful job! It is so nice to be back in my Cruiser! Ann


2001 Saturn:  I bought a used car at a local dealership. It overheated within a week. I had it towed to Art’s Auto Repair. Art found some safety issues and fixed them. Then a new problem arose and he fixed the car for a fraction of what the dealer was going to charge me. He did a good job and I am referring others to him because he does honest work and he knows what he is doing! Kaitlin G.